At Bldg Studio Inc. we are always aiming to serve you better. When we began 6 years ago we offered the standard drafting package common in Saskatoon. Over the years we have expanded to include most of the services you need to complete your project successfully. These include design interviews , schematic design and site planning, full preliminary design including virtual reality models, construction drawings and documents, contract administration, and supplemental services.


We have developed a rigorous initial interview for our clients in order to asses their exact needs and desires for their project. We develop a program, budget, and analysis of the user. We first assess the neighbourhood, the site and solar exposure in order to place the building in the correct spot. We then discuss the needs of all the users and determine the adjacencies of use to ensure the efficiency of the design. Additional items may include the need for a Discretionary Use application or Appeal process.

Schematic Design:

With the information gathered from the interview and analysis, we begin the design. Typically we spend time sketching and creating massing models to come up with the first set of plans. This is the stage where we workshop the uses and adjacencies to ensure that the design will work on the site and the philosophy of the project is met.

Design Development:

The design drawings are then developed based on the above information. The drawings are done to scale and final square footage and budgeting are assessed. During this phase the materials and products are explored in preparation for the construction documents. Deliverables of this phase include a neighbourhood plan, site plan and zoning review, floor plans, exterior elevations, rendering, and 3D virtual tour. 

Construction Drawings

The construction drawings are the final drawings and text for the work that is to be done on the project. These are the contract between the client and the builder and are required to obtain a building permit. They consist of the following pages:

  1. General Notes and Code Review
  2. Specifications
  3. Site Plan and Zoning Review
  4. Foundation Plan
  5. Floor Plans
  6. Roof Plan
  7. Exterior Elevations
  8. Building Sections
  9. Interior Elevations
  10. Construction Details
  11. Electrical and RCP Plans
  12. Window & Door Schedules
  13. Structural (by others)
  14. Mechanical (by others)

Interiors Consultation

We work with the client to select interior finishes including flooring, wall finishes, paint colours, countertops, drapery, and ceiling finishes. We also design the millwork and cabinetry including kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and specialty woodworking such as bookshelves, window seats, and other built-ins.

Contract Administration

Throughout the construction of the project we conduct site visits at specific intervals to ensure that the design and drawings are being carried out correctly by the contractor. This includes answering questions, making clarifications, communicating problems, and negotiations. We provide Site Instruction documents and Change Orders to ensure that that contract is being correctly managed.

Supplemental Services

We can assist you with communications at City Hall, zoning changes, appeals, and discretionary use applications. We can provide renderings for marketing purposes as well as full virtual reality models.



2016 was a year of moving. Two moves in one year and we now have a lovely new office and gallery space on 21st Street West. With 1500 sq ft we are poised to grow and expand our services to serve you better. 2017 will bring a few changes in our services including Interior Design, full virtual reality tours of of our designs, and the revival of our gallery space. 


BLDG STUDIO INC. house plans are now available for purchase online! 6 plans are available, with more coming soon. 

online plans pic.png


BLDG STUDIO INC. is now located at 224 20th Street West, next to The Two Twenty and Collective Coffee. More exciting news coming soon! 

New Office picture.jpg


June 16th, 2013


Our new location will be located at 224 20th Street West, just next door to the current office. We’re spending the summer renovating and getting ready for the next big announcement. 

Check back in late summer!



October 5, 2011

The following is a practical list of eco-friendly construction notes that will reduce your energy uses and building consumptions.

1.Install CFL light bulbs.

2.Install low-flush toilets.

3.Install low-flow plumbing fixtures.

4.Install occupancy sensors on all light fixtures.

5.Install main kill power switch at front door exit.

6.Install programmable thermostat.

7.Insulate the water heater.

8.Insulated water pipes.

9.Seal all duct work.

10.Use low-VOC paints.

11. Install triple-pane, low-e, argon filled windows. Talk to your window supplier re: options.

12. Install solar hot-water heating.

13. Plant native plants for xeriscaping.

14. Install water filter at kitchen faucet.

15. Provide recycling and compost bins in kitchen.

16. Provide EnergyStar appliances.

17. Install on-demand water boiler. 

18. Use lighter coloured shingles for a cool roof.

19. Install eco-friendly countertops.

20. Use linoleum instead of vinyl flooring.

21. Install natural carpeting such as wool or cotton.

22. Use FSC wood.

23. Install drain-water heat recovery.

24. Install rain water collection barrels.

25. Substitute fly-ash for cement in concrete.



September 3rd, 2011

I am pleased to announce BLDG STUDIO; a residential design and drafting studio based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Please contact me to discuss your new house design, renovation plans, or rendering needs.  And stay up-to-date with current projects by subscribing to my blog.