October 5, 2011

The following is a practical list of eco-friendly construction notes that will reduce your energy uses and building consumptions.

1.Install CFL light bulbs.

2.Install low-flush toilets.

3.Install low-flow plumbing fixtures.

4.Install occupancy sensors on all light fixtures.

5.Install main kill power switch at front door exit.

6.Install programmable thermostat.

7.Insulate the water heater.

8.Insulated water pipes.

9.Seal all duct work.

10.Use low-VOC paints.

11. Install triple-pane, low-e, argon filled windows. Talk to your window supplier re: options.

12. Install solar hot-water heating.

13. Plant native plants for xeriscaping.

14. Install water filter at kitchen faucet.

15. Provide recycling and compost bins in kitchen.

16. Provide EnergyStar appliances.

17. Install on-demand water boiler. 

18. Use lighter coloured shingles for a cool roof.

19. Install eco-friendly countertops.

20. Use linoleum instead of vinyl flooring.

21. Install natural carpeting such as wool or cotton.

22. Use FSC wood.

23. Install drain-water heat recovery.

24. Install rain water collection barrels.

25. Substitute fly-ash for cement in concrete.